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The information laid out below is not events specific so please see the specific page fro the specific infomation.

Tickets are to be purchased through the relevant Skiddle page. 

One ticket is for one event and one person, tickets are not transferable between events so please read what you are buying carefully!


Please ensure you display your rapid scan ticket to the staff at the door.​

Tickets are subject to all of our policies which can be viewed here..

This event will run from:

8pm - 1am​. 

Last Entry is 9:30pm.

After your first entry, you will be given a wristband, you must keep this on all night. If you are seen without it then you will be asked to leave.


Even though COVID restrictions have been lifted there will still be some measure implemented and encouraged to ensure a safe environment for all.

You will be required to complete Track & Trace on Entry.

Sanitiser will be available around the venue and we encourage the use of it.

Maintaining a high level of general hygiene is recommended including frequent washing of the hands.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.

Upon every entry to the venue, you will be searched, refusal of this will result in you being denied entry.

You can not bring any external drinks into the venue and can not take any drinks outside of the venue.


If you require any help or support during the event then please speak to a member of staff working at the event. 

NOTE: the security team have the ultimate decision and will not consult Fendley's Events before making them. 

They hold the authority to refuse entry to anyone at any point.


10 Welton Road, CV34 5PZ,


What will be the policy on drinks?

We continue to operate the same policy that has been implemented for all other events. This includes: no external drinks are allowed to be bought into the venue and no internal drinks are allowed to be taken out of the venue.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

If you no longer wish to attend the event, then please contact us directly and we will see what we can do for you!

Can I transfer my ticket to another person or event?

Tickets CAN be transferred to another person, but two tickets will not emit two people! Tickets CAN NOT be transferred to another event, the ticket you have purchased for that event will only allow you entry to that specific event! Please check carefully before purchasing.

Will there be a cloackroom or a place to store my belongings?

No. Unfortunately, we will not be operating a cloakroom service for these events unless explicitly otherwise stated. There is no secure place to store your belongings at the events, and all items bought are at your own risk and responsibility. Fendley's Events Management Limited hold no responsibility for your items as per the terms and conditions.

Who's the DJ?

We continue to use the DJ we have used for all our other events, except for Myton After Prom 2019 unless otherwise stated.

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