Heath & Saftey

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Fendley’s Events Management is an event management company, which provides events to the general public in private and public venues. Director, Samuel Fendley employs no one directly, he sub-contracts to multiple companies and organisations, each who supply their health and safety policy and risk assessment. In addition, he has a self-employed individual who works under Samuel Fendley’s supervision and guidance.

Samuel Fendley has produced his health and safety policy, he consulted with his self-employed assistant and they decided upon reviewing the policy before each event Fendley’s Events Limited manage and organise to ensure an accurate policy for each event.


Where these terms are used in the following, they have the described meaning:

‘our’, ‘ours’, ‘we’: Fendley’s Events Management Limited’s property, business activities, director or self-employed individuals.

Statement of Intent

This is a health and safety policy for Fendley’s Events Management Limited.

Our health and safety policy is to:

 -Prevent incidents and accidents from occurring as a direct result of our events.

 -Manage and monitor the health and safety of each event before, during and after.

-Consult with any sub-contractors on health and safety of each event before, during and after.

-Ensure and incidents are dealt with appropriately, legally and effectively to affect a minimal amount of people as possible and cause as little harm or discomfort to people.

 - Maintain safe and enjoyable conditions for the event to take place.

-Implement and ensure all sub-contractors and self-employed staff and aware of the emergency procedures.

 -Review and revise this policy before every event.


Overall responsibility of the venue’s health and safety falls upon the venue themselves. It is their responsibility to ensure correct and appropriate procedures are in place and carried out should a health and safety risk or an emergency takes place.

It is Fendley’s Events Management Limited responsibility to ensure they ask, read and suggest correction if applicable to the venues and sub-contractors health and safety policy and assessment.

It is Samuel Fendley’s responsibility to ensure this policy is kept up to date and review each event.


We will carry our relevant risk assessments to be able to cross-check our assessments with that of the venue and sub-contractors.

Samuel Fendley will ensure any and all self-employed individuals are aware of the health and safety policy, the risk assessment and evacuation procedures of the event.

On the event listing, we have expressed where to source help from and Samuel Fendley will ensure that during the event the social media pages linked to Fendley's Events Management Limited are constantly checked for anyone seeking help or assistance.


Fendley's Events Management Limited prioritises guests and staff safety and security over anything else.

If staff or guest safety or security are infringed then there will be no hesitation in the decision to cancel or end an event. We will only resort to this as the last option and we will try out utmost hardest before this decision is made.

We have been made aware of some anti-social behaviour that took place at the last event; should you witness such behaviour we advise you to inform the security team that is working the event immediately.

Please note, that if the venue or security team working wish to call the police, then this is out of our control and hands and they have authority to do so.