Priavte Policy

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1. What private data we collect.

We only collect the data that you provide us with, whether this is via our website, e-mail or through third-party corporations. Private data we collect includes:


  • Full name,

  • E-Mail address,

  • Contact number,

  • Address,

  • Card details, 

  • IP address,

  • Cookies.



2. How and why we use and collect your data.

We collect your private data via our contact forms on our website, via e-mail when you contact us and when you purchase a ticket online via one of the third-party providers.
We collect your private data for a number of reasons all of which have your safety and security at the centre. Reasons why we keep and use your data:


  • Dispute resolution,

  • Customer help and support,

  • Security,

  • Notification and communication,

  • Demographic analysis,

  • Use in legal disputes and legal cases,

  • Protection of staff, premises and other event-goers.



3. Sharing of your personal data.


We will never share your personal data with anyone outside of Fendley's Events Management Limited unless under exceptional circumstances. 

We will never sell your personal data to anyone under any circumstances.

4. How long we keep your personal data.

We do not keep your personal data for longer than necessary, all data that we do keep is kept under the strictest confidentiality and security. 


5. Associated third parties.


While we may receive private data, you enter into these third parties, your data which is kept by them is kept under their private policy and regulations.

Third parties we use include:



  • G-MAIL,







  • MONZO,



  • OFFICE 365,

  • WIX.